Indupart AB has established a wide network of national and international contacts, containing both manufacturers and suppliers. We also represent some companies.

Here we present agencies and products. We have quality controlled them ourselves, and you can be assured that they always match the requirements and needs.

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  • EMG Automation – Belt control and quality measurement for the steel industry
  • EMG Quality Assurance – Quality measurement and fine-grinding of production
  • EMG Thrusters – Brake lifts for traverses and transport systems
  • EMG Compact Hydraulics – “All in one” hydraulic cylinder for heavy movements
  • Haehne – Load cells and systems wherever a power must be measured and controlled
  • JVM – Fiber Roll (3M) for stripping, application, or high friction is a need
  • E.ITEC – Transmission of electricity to steel and railways, rail system in distribution

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